Rob is amazing. Start taking lessons immediately if you want to learn how to create art with the beautiful instrument we call drums. I am somewhat of a shy person and procrastinated on finding a drum teacher but now I feel so fortunate that I am taking lessons from Rob. Rob is one of the friendliest persons I have ever met and can teach both children and adults. He is also the most organized person I have ever worked with. Students keep a lesson log that tracks their progress and acts as a reference to what material you are practicing. This helps you stay efficient with your practice time. I currently work two jobs and have a VERY hectic schedule and Rob can augment a lesson on the fly if I haven’t had much practice time. He teaches you how to read music and the working fundamentals of drums so you know the “why,” not just the “how.” Most importantly, Rob is not just and instructor but what I would call a “total support system.” He is a current gigging drummer in multiple bands that are booked at large events, has recorded on albums, and toured with bands. This means he can use his knowledge of how the music industry works to help you set yourself up for that arena. He can also transcribe songs into sheet music that you want to learn which is a huge plus because he can use it as a basis for lessons making them very fun.

-John Imazaki (Mission Viejo)

Rob is an awesome teacher. Always prepared, fun, enthusiastic and all-round cool guy. Gets the highest recommendation possible.

-Sonny Tran (San Clemente)

My son has been a student of Rob's for two years and we are extremely pleased with his lessons and his professionalism. One of my son's favorite aspects of working with Rob is his willingness to tailor his lesson to the interest of his students. My son can bring him any number of genres of music and Rob will assist him in learning how to play whatever he brings in. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in private drum lessons.

-Mia Alicea (Aliso Viejo)

Rob has an excellent philosophy about teaching and learning music. You are going to gain his wisdom and knowledge as you expand yours. Rob is a true professional! My son has been taking lessons with him since he was eight years old and I'm amazed each week at what they accomplish.

-Dave Perhacs (Aliso Viejo)

Rob is a wonderful teacher. He really cares about me as a person. He is very respectful, patient, and has a desire to improve my drumming skills. He spends time teaching what is needed and does not waste my time with what can be done at home. And he encourages me to go to the next level. Highly recommend Rob. Great guy.

-Rick LeBrun (San Clemente)

It's never too late to have a happy childhood, I said, as I first took up the drums in my late 40's. Actually, I had a very happy childhood, but it would have been happier if I started drumming as a kid. Hats off to you parents who support your child's interest in drumming! I can't say enough positive things about Rob as a drum teacher, on whom I have relied for instruction, support and encouragement for the past several years. He is as technically proficient at drumming as anyone I ever met, but being technically proficient is not enough to qualify one to teach others. You also have to know how to teach. You have to be able to meet the student at the level you find them and then help them grow to the next level, and then to the one after that, not only in skill but in confidence as well. Rob does this masterfully. He is also patient and kind. Can you imagine how patient you have to be to teach a beginning drum student? Rob is that patient and kind, and it's not contrived: it is genuine, to the core. He's the real deal. You're lucky to have found him as a drum teacher. You will be glad you did.

-Ed Dzwonkowski (Huntington Beach)

Rob is an incredible teacher. I highly recommend him. My son is in middle school and has been taking lessons from Rob for three years. He just had a jazz performance and did an amazing job. He loves the drums and Rob helps him to have the confidence and skills to perform with ease.

-Chris Hill (Mission Viejo)

I've been playing drums for a few years now with Rob as my instructor and he has been nothing but supportive. He has great, informative help and advice and always helps me nail those tricky fills and patterns. I'd highly recommend Rob for anyone serious about getting a top-notch drum teacher.

-Josh Nuzzo (Rancho Santa Margarita)

I have been a student at Rob Ferrell Drum Studio for approximately five years. After talking to several other teachers I’m totally satisfied I choose Rob. Rob's teaching method allows the student to practice the fundamentals of drumming, while allowing the student to start playing songs, this was very important to me. I use to hate Mondays, but now that my lessons are on Mondays I look forward to every one of them. I not only gained a great instructor, but I now have a very cool friend!

-Craig Cascelli (Mission Viejo)

As an aging rock fan, my wife told me she was going to divorce me if I didn't stop wasting my time playing drums on Rock Band and to go get a real drum kit if that is what I wanted to do. So that's exactly what I did and I then sought out a drum teacher so that I could take lessons. I met with a couple in the area and Rob by far was a better fit for my style. I have really enjoyed taking lessons from Rob. He is a great teacher and a great guy. My busy schedule requires me to cancel lessons at times and Rob has always been willing to accommodate me. I highly recommend Rob to anyone that is looking for a drum instructor in Orange County.

-David Christian (Irvine)

Best drum teacher ever! My son George has been taking lessons with Rob for almost a year now and he always looks forward to his lessons, and is enjoying them so much! He has learned so much in such a short amount of time. Rob is very patient, always encouraging, professional and accommodating. Thank you so much Rob, you are very appreciated! You got the highest rating from me!

-Christine Maalouf (Mission Viejo)

My 14 year-old-son has been taking lessons with Rob for over a year. Rob has really inspired and motivated him, but more importantly, has instilled in him a true love for the instrument. My son loves playing the drums, and his improvement in skill level over the last year is nothing short of incredible! It's so refreshing to see him spend his time playing the drums versus playing silly video games. We're so happy to have Rob teach our son!

-Dianna Boulos (Laguna Beach)

My son has been taking lessons with Rob for 4 years. Rob is an excellent teacher. He can tailor the lessons to meet the student's current needs and interests. My son has played rock, swing and jazz on the set while with Rob. He has also taught my son to play marching snare and concert percussion pieces for the school band when needed. Rob is a very skilled drummer and a great teacher - best I've met and I too was a drummer...back in the day.

-Bob Bettey (Laguna Hills)

Rob is an incredible drum teacher! He is talented, kind, patient and a wonderful teacher who clearly loves what he does. My 9 year old son has been taking lessons with him for a year and a half and has progressed farther than I thought because he is so inspired and motivated on his own to practice. If you are looking for a drum teacher, I would highly recommend Rob. We really lucked out finding him!

-Libby Danis (Mission Viejo)

Our family has been with Rob for three years now and we've watched our son learn to love music under his patient guidance. As a music teacher myself, I do not teach drums, but it was an instrument my son wanted to learn. After interviewing and trying out three to four different teachers that would accommodate a six year old, Mr. Rob was not only patient, but truly individualized the lessons for my son. He has often taken requests of songs my son wants to learn, incorporating basic rhythms and beginning music theory curriculum. Rob adds his personal style to the lessons, really making the learner, not just be able to play drums, but truly become a musician. As a teacher in a high-end private school, I consistently recommend Rob time and time again as he truly values his job as an educator.

-Micaela Johnson (Aliso Viejo)

Rob is an excellent drum teacher! He is very knowledgeable and personable. He works well with my 14-year old son and inspires and motivates him to learn! He absolutely loves going to drum lessons and has learned so much in less than a year! I would highly recommend Rob to anyone interested in learning drums. He is accommodating to your schedule and helps his students learn at their own pace using music that they are interested in.

-Denise Fredenberg (Mission Viejo)

Rob is an excellent drum teacher. My son has been taking lessons from Rob for over a year now. As a parent, it's a thrill to find someone to teach your child that inspires him or her to do his or her best while at the same time having fun. I highly recommend Rob for anyone, at any age, who wants to take drum lessons!

-Elizabeth Jarquin (Lake Forest)

Rob Ferrell has been a wonderful teacher, role model and inspiration for my son for about six years now. Through Rob's expert guidance, my son has continually developed his drumming skills and stayed passionate about his lessons. No matter what song he wants to learn next, Rob is always supportive. Since we moved away from Southern California, lessons are via Skype, which works great. We've tried local teachers, but my son always wants to "stick" with Rob.

-Maria Regan (Hawaii)

Rob is a talented, organized, personable, and fun teacher for all ages! ·My son is 5 and he looks forward to his lessons with "The Rob" as he fondly calls him. Rob uses an array of teaching techniques to keep the little ones motivated so they have fun while learning an instrument!

-Alicia Barrera-Warwick (Mission Viejo)

Mr. Ferrell is an outstanding drum teacher. He is compassionate, supportive and is always positive. His teaching techniques include modeling and guided practice, which is what a 6 year old needs. He is passionate and·committed·to providing quality instruction to his students regardless of their age. He has given our son an exceptionally wonderful·experience·to the degree that he looks forward to his weekly drum lesson. Besides the amazing qualities of Mr. Ferrell as a drum teacher, he is flexible, understanding and·easy·to reach.

-Nora Mallernee-Yokota (Irvine)

What can I say about Rob? Not only is Rob one of my closest friends, but he's one of Southern California's best drum educators. Rob's ethics and ethos are truly first rate. I'm continually reminded by his students of his phenomenal educational technique, passion and the fact that Rob is known for his desire to always go the extra mile for his students. ·Perhaps the best testimonial for Rob is that other drum educators would recommend their own students to him·in a New York minute. I would personally recommend my students to Rob at the drop of a hat! Since I first met him in 2008 I have recommended students to him as he has a certain way of communicating drumming technique and chops that is truly out of the park. ·With Rob you get the whole nine yards. Just when it seems many Orange County educators seem to be dropping the ball and lowering the bar, Rob consistently raises the bar and shines!

-Marty Fullard (Solihull, England)

I've been taking lessons with Rob since 2008. I was originally drawn to his profile, out of all the teachers in my area that I searched online, because we both had similar backgrounds working with troubled youth...and I have to say, I am SO glad I picked him! Not only is he professional, but also flexible and understanding. He is very accommodating and all he asks is for a heads up, even if just 5mins in advance, if you won't be able to show up for a lesson (which I think is the very least courteous thing we could do, and far from unreasonable), especially since he is more than willing to credit that lesson to the following month. Not many drum teachers are willing to do that!! Rob strives to teach proper technique, but also makes sure it is always fun for his students. He doesn't demand perfection, but is very encouraging and doesn't want any of his students to feel like they "Can't" do something. He works with his students according to what level they are at and what they *want* to learn (whether songs or general rhythms, in conjunction with techniques), rather than following a rigid lesson plan. Rob is very knowledgeable and skilled, so he is able to adjust to each student with ease. Rob's students range from people who take lessons for leisure (young and old), to lessons for therapeutic purposes for children with disabilities, to those who have gone on to be admitted into professional music schools! Not only is Rob a fantastic drum teacher, he is an incredible human being with a great personality and admirable morals and family values! He is very down to earth and I appreciate everything he's done for me! I highly recommend him and he's a 5-star rock star in my book!

-Vy Nguyen (Lake Forest)

I started playing the drums at age 12. I never had formal drum lessons, never learned to read music – and played it all by ear. After our son Thomas was born in 2003, and was just a baby, he seemed to always be using spoons or toys to drum. I handed him drumsticks and some pots and pans when he was only able to sit up and crawl. He was hitting each “sound source” as if he knew what to do. Was drumming in his genes? I would also hold him on my lap at the drum set, and he would hold the sticks reach out and bang on the drums and cymbals, and it would make him smile. As he grew, I could see that he had some natural talent, rhythm and he could make his little hands and wrists actually “play” and not simply “bang” the drumheads. He actually held the sticks correctly, and maintained a fulcrum, and could play a single stroke roll by the time he was 4 or 5. At that time I thought that we should look into formal drum lessons. My wife and I researched drum lessons online, and we found Rob Ferrell. In September of 2009, (our son’s first day of First Grade), he started lessons with Rob. Rob is an excellent teacher. He takes the time to explain what he wants the student to do, and then he demonstrates what it should sound like, and then works with the student at their own pace, until they master the rudiment, or lick or fill of the week. He starts with the basics, the roots of proper drumming: the rudiments, and working on keeping time. Our son has grown so much from his first lesson with Rob, both physically (when he could not even reach the kick pedal on day one with Rob), and musically. Currently, I think our son is a very young, but impressive 9-year-old drummer. He has learned to read music with Rob, learned the basic rudiments, and is working on so many aspects of playing the drums the right way, mixed with his God-given talent. It should be noted that Rob is not a “drumming magician”- he does not have a magic powder that he can sprinkle onto a kid and suddenly they can drum like a superstar. The student has to work hard and practice! With Rob’s guidance, and the student’s own desire to drum and learn, they may become a talented drummer. In my son’s case, Rob is the perfect fit. Rob works with Thomas’ talent level and mixes it with his ability to teach him, to communicate what he wants to see and hear, and we are so pleased with the results! If you are looking for a quality drum teacher, and a great guy – look at signing up with Rob Ferrell Drum Studio. You will be happy you did. And feel free to check out Thomas’ drum clips on Rob’s YouTube channel! I give Rob Ferrell Drum Studio my highest recommendation.

-Dan Lowrey (South Orange County)

I decided to go back to drumming after a 30-year plus hiatus. I had been self-taught and my technical drumming skills were almost non-existent. I had played briefly in my youth by ear and instinct. WHERE TO BEGIN? After researching extensively, I was referred to Rob Ferrell and I have been given the opportunity to learn not only with an amazing teacher but have found an unbelievably kind and special human being that I can relate to and communicate with on many levels. I watch Rob in amazement before my lessons as he effortlessly interacts with students of all ages and backgrounds. Rob has this uncanny ability to quickly evaluate his students’ strengths and weaknesses, by reinforcing the fundamental basic requirements needed for consistent improvement. He does this all with such ease and kindness and exhibits such a pleasant demeanor at each and every lesson. When I found Rob, someone was smiling down on me, because my drum lesson is now the highlight of my week. I am over 50 years old and not only am I privileged to learn with Rob, I have also found a caring, sensitive and wonderful person with whom I can share life lessons and experiences that not only relate to drums but also to strong family values and interpersonal issues. It is an understatement for me to say that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Rob Ferrell to anyone of any age or musical background who is passionate about taking up drumming at any level. I look forward to a life-long relationship with drumming and Rob.

-Jeffrey Inspektor (Irvine)

As a full time professional musician and a former private instrumental teacher myself, I'm obviously very critical when it comes to teachers. ·After observing Rob work with my 14-year old son for about a year, I have to say I am extremely impressed with his teaching ability. Not only does he have·an excellent rapport with kids, he has the rare gift of being able to get across lots of technical information while still keeping the lessons fun and stimulating. Rob makes a great effort to learn the needs and goals of each student and tailors the lessons accordingly, including·helping them properly learn songs of their own choosing. Very importantly, Rob teaches kids to play in a way that will help them avoid injury. Rob's lessons are very efficiently structured - he packs an awful lot of content into a half-hour lesson, but in our case never more than my son could absorb and retain. In short, whether you are an absolute beginner or a veteran player looking to improve your technique, I would not hesitate to highly recommend Rob as a teacher!

-Alan Deremo (San Clemente)

My name is Graham Spillman. I started taking lessons with Rob Ferrell in 2000 when he still was based out of Mars Music at the Block of Orange. I was 10 years old. I am now a senior in high school and have been very successful in my musical endeavors. I have spent the last 6 years at a performing arts school that required an audition to be accepted. Rob was the main reason I was able to ace the entrance audition. I have just received my early acceptance letter to attend Berklee College of Music in the fall and was also awarded a four-year partial tuition scholarship. All of my accomplishments I can attribute to the teachings of Rob Ferrell. He was my first drum set teacher. He taught me the fundamental techniques, and practice disciplines that were necessary for me to reach the level of musicality that I have. I have had the opportunity to work with many amazing musicians over the past few years but Rob will be the one music educator who will always stand out as the one who had the most impact on me. I would highly recommend Rob for students of all playing abilities. He is a noted industry professional and is one of the most personable people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His high level of performance ability is equal to his high level of teaching ability. He made some of the most difficult musical concepts easy and tangible for me to grasp.

-Graham Spillman (Placentia)

Before my first lesson I was not sure what to expect. I had played snare drum and drum set for a short time in high school 15 years ago and I kinda figured I could breeze through any fundamentals material and get straight to jamming on the drum set! I was pretty amazed that the fundamental stuff we covered was quite a challenge for me, in a good way! I have come to realize that if we did not go over the basics, my progress would be very sluggish. I feel like you took the mystery out of drumming. Normally I would listen to the drummers on my favorite songs and wonder, ”How'd they do that?” Now, I find myself identifying the patterns, styles, and techniques you have educated me on. I really want to thank you for being a patient teacher who understands how to challenge me in my drumming. It has been so many years since I have played and I honestly look forward to my lessons with you more than my weekends - well most of the time.

-Marty Medina (Lake Forest)

Rob has been the dream teacher come true for my daughter. He teaches all the fundamentals and makes it fun. She ALWAYS looks forward to the lessons, learns a lot and finds Rob to be a GREAT person. We are very grateful to have Rob as a teacher. He is very motivating, keeps the lessons fun, is very patient and teaches about drumming in a very systematic way so that the next lessons always build on the previous ones. My daughter has learned a lot, had fun doing it and is further along in her drumming skills than I expected at this point. We would recommend Rob to anyone.

-George Somogyi (Mission Viejo)

A great teacher is not just someone who knows their stuff, but someone who can share that knowledge. Rob creates an excitement in our son Zack that makes him eager to learn, and to put what he has learned into practice. I would recommend Rob to anyone, whether a serious student, or a casual drummer. Rob’s patience is infinite, and when Zack struggles or gets distracted, like any 13 year old, Rob guides him through and back to where he needs to be.

-Dayn Holstrom (Anaheim Hills)

I’ve been with Rob for about 4 years. He’s chill. He teaches me new beats and songs. He’s tight, and not like a normal teacher. He teaches me, but he also tells me stories about the music business and he asks me what I want to learn too. It’s cool because when I go to his lessons it makes me want to learn drums not like something I have to go to. Like when I first went I wanted to learn drums, I only wanted to go to one half our lesson a week, but ended up going for 3 days a week with 2 of the lessons being an hour. And also when I forget my folder he’s not like “I’m mad at you or what ever teachers say when u forget homework but is just like, “oh, ok we’ll learn something cool and bring your folder next time.” Rob is so cool that I even kept taking lessons from after he left his normal place that was 15 min. away from my house, to go to Mission Viejo, like 45 min away. Take lessons from Rob. He’s tight.

-Zack Holstrom (Anaheim Hills)

I needed to find a drum teacher because the other teacher we used could no longer give lessons. My son is progressing quickly just after three lessons. Rob Ferrell is a great teacher and very patient. He explains things clearly so that my son can process the new information thoroughly. Even though my son has some music background, his drum technique has shown noticeable improvement and I am glad that Rob pays attention to how the sticks are held and how my son sits when playing. Rudiments are so very important and Rob has been correcting some things that weren't learned properly. I am so glad that we found Rob Ferrell and I would refer him to anyone looking for an awesome drum teacher.

-Felicia Golemo (Mission Viejo)

I registered with Robert Ferrell for drum lessons for my son Anirudh and our experience has been wonderful! He has an easy way with kids and makes learning fun. Anirudh looks forward to them. He is a very practical and patient teacher!

-Sonika Jain (Foothill Ranch)

We decided to give our son 10 drum lessons for Christmas. I wasn't sure where to find a good teacher so I searched on the Internet. We found Rob Ferrell and I liked his profile. First impressions are important and Rob was back to me within a few hours. He spent time on the phone to thoroughly review his teaching style and to inquire about my son's level of skill and interest. We've made the drum lessons a permanent part of our routine. Rob is an excellent teacher for young people and has really helped Parker create a solid practice routine. He is flexible and engaging. This has quickly increased Parkers interest, skill and love for drumming. We would highly recommend Rob as a teacher.

-Nancy Larson (Lake Forest)

Rob is my 10 y/o son, Brandon's, drum teacher.· I am so happy that we found such a perfect fit for him. Brandon had taken lessons previously but did not seem to be progressing and was getting bored. It got to the point where he didn't even want to go which I knew was a bad sign since he drums every chance he gets! Rob has been wonderful. He is patient and kind and a great drummer himself. Brandon has come so far already. I can't wait to see more. Since starting with Rob he has even joined a band with his best friend and his confidence has increased so much. Before writing this I asked Brandon what he would like to add about what kind of drum teacher Rob is and here is what he told me. "Mostly I like him a lot because he doesn't just sit there and play drums with me. He teaches me a lot, like hand techniques and then beats too. He's just a cool guy and I like his lessons a lot." Can't argue with that!!! Thanks Rob.

-Kathy Kelley (Mission Viejo)

Rob is a gifted teacher who has a wonderful way of making my son·feel·he has accomplished a great deal while always challenging him to keep growing and learning.·He teaches the essential building blocks of drumming, but also keeps my son fully engaged by teaching him to play his favorite songs. Rob makes learning fun by telling stories that illustrate the concepts he talks about. My son hangs on every word, benefits in many ways from his lessons and says, "I have the best music teacher in the world." I'm very happy that we found Rob, and would recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent drum teacher.

-Maria Regan (Mission Viejo)

Drum lessons with Rob have been a wonderful experience for my 8-year-old son. He has learned so much in just a few months. He has mastered some important basics and rudimentary beats and rhythms that he is now able to implement in songs and combine at home to make practicing fun as well as work! Rob is able to communicate well with my son and lessons are challenging but never overwhelming. No matter what our practice week has been like (which can be sporadic at times with a fully-scheduled third grader!) Rob is always able to get the best out of my son at lessons and we always go home inspired to do better.

-Karine Dunning (Aliso Viejo)

I want to thank you very much for all Andrew (and I) have gotten from your drum lessons. Originally, my wife and I were a little concerned about starting Andrew in drum lessons before he was even eight years old. Now we can’t believe how much progress he has made in such a short time. Not only is he learning songs, he can actually jam with me when I play my guitar. Andrew and I both look forward to his lesson each week. I really appreciate the way your lessons always balance fundamentals, learning songs and having fun. Lastly, I want to thank you for all the help you provided when we finally decided to make the investment in a drum set. You cleared up so many of my questions with regard to all the different brands, models, cymbals, new versus used etc. Andrew now has a great sounding set of drums that didn’t break the bank.

-Craig Noel (Lake Forest)

Rob is not just a great teacher of the drums – Rob loves the drums, and that is what makes Rob a great teacher, in my opinion. His passion for the drums is clear and he is always excited to impart his knowledge to those eager to learn. I am originally a ‘self-taught’ drummer and picked up my first kit over 20 years ago. While I have always enjoyed casually playing the drums, my experience with Rob has given me a newfound love for the instrument, and a desire to take it to the next level. I came to Rob as a 36-year-old guy with a desk job and no knowledge or proficiency in rudiments, time signature, technique, ambidexterity, or other things that could greatly improve my skill-set. Rob has patiently and passionately taught me these things and they are opening up my playing abilities. The musical pieces that used to be confusing to me are now becoming manageable, and most importantly ‘understandable’. I would highly recommend Rob no matter what stage you are at in your playing abilities. My regret is that I didn’t find him sooner.

-Stephen Niednagel (Laguna Beach)

I had wanted to learn to play the drums for a long time. I found Rob's information and decided to contact him regarding lessons. I love his easygoing approach and the fact that he wanted to be sure I was comfortable with him as a teacher before signing up and spending money for sessions. I have only been taking lessons now for about 3 months, but I have learned so much from Rob. He gave me great advice and insight on the right equipment to purchase when I told him I was looking. I really like how he teaches the rudiments and keeps each lesson interesting, so I am excited to show up the next week to see what new things I will learn. I am already learning to play my first song. Rob is very good at 'teaching' different drumming techniques, and certainly knows his trade. I would recommend Rob to anyone who is looking to learn to play drums or even to become a better all around drummer. Thanks Rob, you rock!!!

-Mike Fitzsimons·(Newport Beach)

We think that you are a perfect teacher for Daniel and also the best music teacher that we have seen in a long time. We've seen many teachers personally and for the kids, but you are the best for a few reasons. First, you make the perfect blend of making it fun, but also being serious and teaching just a few concepts every week. We like the way you teach: review last week, learn new concepts then jam (like it's a dessert). Second, we have seen Daniel really blossom under your teaching. We can see him incorporating what he is learning from you into his every day jamming. To me that is the sign of a good teacher-student relationship. When he is playing for you, he can't wipe the smile off of his face. Third, Daniel is a special child. He has had a lot of problems with staying focused, but you seem to have captured his attention. We think it is because you really break the concepts down into very small bite-sized bits. You find different ways to teach the same bit, whether it is by demonstration, reading the music, using the drum machine, or listening to CDs. It's good to come at a concept from many different angles. It is helping for Daniel to stay focused and more importantly, not get frustrated. Your personality is well suited to teach him because you are very patient, never getting upset, and yet very persistent, not giving up but pushing him to get it. This is very rare. Fourth,we can tell just by how you play and how you talk, that you are not just a talented teacher, but a passionate drummer as well. Before we talked to you, we never knew there was so much to learn about the drums. Whether it be the foot-slide for quick double bass beat, putting a bass under the crash, or using the wrist elbow action for economy of motion. It's fascinating to hear about all the things that you've picked up over the years of watching instructional videos watching other drummers and just practicing. It's like having a walking encyclopedia of the drums. Fifth, we can tell that you put thought into the lessons before and after. You have short-term and long-term plans. Short term plans: teach rudiments step by step. Long term plans: build solid foundations in three areas: reading music, muscle memory, and ear. We like how you write all your lessons down so that we can practice with him during the week and we can also quickly remember during the following lesson what is going on. It definitely saves time to be organized. We thank God for putting the perfect teacher in Daniel's life. I am very picky about music teachers for the kids. I tend to·be very vocal about what teachers could do better·because I want the teachers to know how my kids think. I haven't said anything about your lessons because I feel that the lessons are going so right on the money!

-Sean and Marissa Chow (Tustin)

I have been taking lessons with Rob for almost a year now. Up until the point of meeting Rob, I pretty much was self-taught. I played drums on and off for about 2-3 years. I felt I was stuck in a rut and not progressing in my drumming. I had taken a few lesson with different drum teachers in the past, but I felt they weren't at the caliber of teaching I was searching for. I found Rob by searching for local drum lessons/teachers in or around the San Clemente area. We shot a few emails back and forth and set up our first lesson. I am very impressed with Rob's teaching skills. He is full of all kinds of drum knowledge. You can tell he has a deep passion for drumming and teaching it as well. He understands that all students are different in the way they learn or understand drums. He easily picked up on the things I could do well and the things I lacked in on the drums. On my first lesson he said "If you give a man a fish, you feed him for the a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime." Since then I feel that statement is so true. Before Rob, I was unable to read or understand drum sheet music. Now I can read, understand, and play all types of genres of music. I feel that having Rob as my drum teacher has been a great experience for me. He is very knowledgeable in drumming and is passing it along to me with ease. I always look forward to my next lesson. I totally recommend·taking at least one lesson with him no matter what your age or skill level. Plus, I feel that not only did I find a great teacher but a good friend.

-Ryan Gumienny (San Clemente)

I am extremely grateful that we found you when we did. My daughter looks forward to going to practice every Thursday with excitement and enthusiasm. She has learned so much from your lessons that she's very well on her way to fulfilling her dream of becoming a talented drummer or as I like to say, the next Sheila E! I would definitely recommend you to anyone that was in need of a professional, and talented drum instructor. We've tried the rest, and there is no comparison. You're the best and as a result, it shows in your student(s).

-Teresa Dominguez (Mission Viejo)

He is such a good teacher that he keeps me wanting to play. He gives me confidence all the time. He tells me I have the skills but if I don't practice then I’m wasting any talent that I may have. He is teaching me to read the notes better. I'm already learning my second song and I was so glad he was there sitting next to me when I played my first song live.

-Dylan Todd (Foothill Ranch)

Talk about hitting the jackpot from finding an awesome drum teacher in Craigslist. When we went to the first lesson, I being a dad and a guitar player, found Rob to be so easy going, easy to talk too and a guy I would like to get to know. But I wanted to see how he ran his lessons. What I liked about Rob is that not only does he know how to play he knows how its played. The techniques, what the different styles are called. He knows how to talk drums and translate that knowledge to kids. I like how he has the kids warm up first, and then he works on different rudiments and actually teaches how the drums should be played. From holding the sticks and then to reading music he covers it all. Then he lets the kids pick a song they want to learn and ends the lesson with that. So they are learning the proper warm ups, techniques, how to read music and then the fun part learning a song they want to play. We've been with Rob for less then a year and my son has already played his first song live with his dads band it was awesome. I've now seen Rob at lessons, I’ve seen him play live with his band and he has even subbed in for my drummer. He is the same great guy in each setting. What you see at practice is what you get: a great guy who knows how to treat kids and teach them so they understand how to play a difficult instrument. If you’re looking for a drum teacher and your reading this then look no further. Call Rob and get going. We need to keep the Robs around teaching the new up and coming drummers!!! Thanks, Paul.

-Paul Todd (Foothill Ranch)

My name is Rich, and my 9-year-old daughter Alana has been a student of Rob's since Feb 2008.· Alana had been playing classical piano for about 4 years, when she expressed an interest in playing drums. Believing this just a short-lived childhood whim, I put together a Christmas package for her.· I bought Alana a pair of drumsticks, a practice pad, and after a few interviews with various drum instructors, four 4 lessons with Rob. My wife drove her to the first 3 lessons, and I delivered her to her fourth, and last lesson. That was the first time I got to hear her actually play on a set, and meet to Rob in person. I was blown away! The progress she made was incredible. Watching the interaction and concentration between Rob and Alana was surprising and amazing. His teaching methods were fun, informative, and interactive. Theory, timing and music reading suddenly became fun, and you could see the enthusiasm in her face. He was not some amateur drum tutor, but a genuinely devoted professional teacher of music.· After we left, I had to apologize to Alana for not taking her seriously, and about a week later, I bought her her own set of electronic drums (so she could rock out, and I could keep my hearing). This has given Alana a new passion, and a skill that she is incredibly proud of. Everyone knows: "girl drummers are cool!!” and it looks great on her acting resume too. Alana practices about 10 minutes, 3x a week. Rob has proven to be flexible and fair, and above all, easy to talk to. He answers my emails within hours, and is always open to parental input. Now my daughter, son and I jam in the living room and I get to share with them, the music I grew up playing.

-Rich Fan (Mission Viejo)

I have been taking lessons with Rob for 6 months now, and I could not be happier with my lessons and progress. Drumming is something I always wanted to learn, but wasn't able to try out as a kid. Finally, at 19 years old, I decided to take lessons and get a feel for the drums. After my first few lessons with Rob, I was giddy to get a set of my own and rock out to all of my favorite songs. The lessons are fun, organized, and designed to build on material from previous lessons. Within a few short months with just one lesson a week, I could successfully play through my first song (and it didn't sound too shabby!). In these 6 months, Rob has shown me the essentials of sticking technique, rudiments, and notation, eagerly helped me with anything I found challenging, and shared stories of his long and impressive career in drumming. I can now play along with my favorite songs and am always excited for my next lesson! He is also extremely flexible with scheduling, a very important perk for anyone with a busy schedule like myself. He is endlessly patient, personable, talented, and kind. I did not expect to progress as quickly as I have, considering my lack of percussion experience, but Rob has made it incredibly easy to be successful. Thanks a million, man!

-Danielle Barrington (Mission Viejo)

Our son Alexander has been taking drum lessons with Rob since May 2008 and we are so thrilled to have found him! Rob has such a passion for drumming and in addition to this a real passion and interest in teaching students to play. He has such a nice manner and is always positive and encouraging. Thanks to Rob, this is the first time Alex has found an activity that he cannot wait to go to each week! I really like that Rob has a very structured approach to teaching, making sure that his students learn the rudiments and fundamentals in progression, but he also encourages the students to find songs they like and helps them learn to play them. Alex, in just a few months has formed a band with his twin brother and two friends (the Rob influence somehow trickled down to the whole band via Alex!) and they were confident enough to play one song at our neighbors' "Rocktoberfest" this fall!

I think I knew that Rob was going to be a great teacher before we even met him, when he told us that the first visit was a time for Alex and he to meet each other and see if they were a match...which they most definitely were! I can tell that Rob genuinely loves working with students and wants them to do well. If you are looking for a drum teacher, then I highly recommend Rob; he is THE BEST!

-Lesley McDonald (Foothill Ranch)

After years of drumming on my steering wheel I decided it was time to try the real thing. Unfortunately, I had two big problems: #1 - I had no idea where to begin #2 - I live in a second floor apartment. Within the first five minutes of meeting Rob, I knew everything would be okay. He tailored my lessons to things I could do on a practice pad and gave me a variety of fun exercises. Before long I was learning to play one of my favorite songs and slaying all of my friends at Rock Band. Rob has an impressive range of musical knowledge and a genuine passion for playing. If you were to stand outside his garage for a few hours you'd see students from a wide range of ages and hear drum riffs from classic rock to funk to screamo. Rob also makes it easy to learn your favorite songs using easy-to-read charts and song slow-down software. I've been playing drums for almost a year now and plan to buy my own kit soon. I can't believe how far I've come and how fun it's been to learn something new.

-Megan Denny (Rancho Santa Margarita)

My son Jacob has been taking lessons with Rob since the beginning of fall, 2008. Rob has been such a great teacher for my son. He is very in tuned to Jacob's needs. At first my son needed help because he was in band at school and the class was beyond Jacob's knowledge. We found Rob from a list of recommendations from the School District. Rob helped my son in ways that were easy for him to understand. If Jacobwasn't getting it, Rob would have an idea, then another idea, until Jacob got it. If the music piece was too hard, Rob slowed it down or broke it up. He helped Jacob concentrate on the parts that Jacob did not understanding, and knew the right time to pick up the pace again. Jacob is no longer in band at school, because of the crazy schedule of our life. However, Jacob did not want to stop with the lessons because he enjoys having fun with Rob, and wanted to continue to learn to play the drums. I enjoy Rob because he is kind, patient, and a true professional and is understanding of our individual needs. We wouldn't want to take lessons anywhere else!

-Jeannie King (Mission Viejo)

I’m a 30-year-old working finance professional with a non-stop work schedule. I am also an avid lover of most music. I’ve taken vocal lessons from elementary school all the way to high school. I debated between taking guitar lessons and drum lessons because I wanted to pick up music again but didn’t know which direction to run. After trying Rock Band, I knew I really wanted to learn drums but: 1) I knew NOTHING about playing them, buying them, or anything 2) I was afraid I was too old 3) I thought I was too busy 4) I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find an instructor that could communicate well with me. Then I found Rob through the Internet. Rob has a great introductory consultation that I’d recommend to anyone who is considering picking up the drums. Rob has a great way to channel my passion and shape my energetic overly active hands into something decent sounding! I’m extremely busy and Rob has a very fair cancelation policy, which I appreciate very much. Rob is a patient instructor who has a great way of explaining things and breaking down concepts when needed and acknowledging when a skill is learned without wasting time. Rob works with me to ensure my learning. Rob is extremely efficient and quite frankly, I’d recommend him to anyone who is even remotely curious about learning the drums. Rob, thank you so much for giving me this gift.

-Avi Pai (Irvine)

I see there are a lot of testimonials here for Rob from parents of young drum students and from young students themselves.· Well here’s one from an old/adult student.· I came to the drums in my late 40’s and it took several years to find Rob, but what a find he is!·· He is unwaveringly patient and kind, two important attributes for a drum instructor to have.· He is also technically proficient, who is a working drummer in addition to being a teacher, which are additional important attributes.· Most importantly, he is an excellent teacher.· We’ve all known masterful technicians, but only a handful of them are any good at teaching others what they know.· Rob’s got it all.· Whether you are a parent, a young drum student, or an old one, rest assured Rob is your guy. ·No matter where you are on your drumming journey, Rob will take you as he finds you and grow you from there.

-Ed Dzwonkowski (Huntington Beach)

My son Jesse started drumming lessons about a year ago and we choose Rob as his teacher on recommendation of a neighbor. I instantly loved the way Rob teaches. The combination of the very necessary basics combined with songs he can choose himself to play along with is just perfect. Combine that with the patience and care he takes for his students I would recommend Rob to anyone out there!

-Kitty Seerden (Lake Forest)

Rob Ferrell has been such a great influence on my son Tommy. Tommy has grown as a drummer by leaps and bounds with the guidance and mentoring of Rob. We were taking drum lessons for two year prior to finding Rob. Within the first six months Tommy had learned more from Rob than the two years of lessons with another teacher. Rob instructs his students not only with a deep knowledge of percussion but a passion that you do not see in just any drum teacher. Tommy is so excited to go to his lessons with Rob each week. He knows that he can bring his own music in and Rob will help him learn the rhythms of the songs. Rob thank you for your patience and grace and we look forward to another awesome year.

-Aimee McWilliams (Mission Viejo)

Rob has been my instructor and mentor now for nearly a year. I am so happy that my dad found Rob. He is an awesome instructor. Rob is patient and very supportive not to mention a great drummer himself. In the last year I have learned a tremendous amount about music and percussion and I can't wait to continue each week. Since beginning with Rob he has taught me songs such as “Tom Sawyer” played by Neil Peart and “Fool in the Rain” by John Bonham, tunes that are not for the faint of heart because they are intricate and precise, but because Rob has this great ability to communicate and break the notes down I was able to learn these and several other songs that has totally impressed my family and friends. No one can believe that I have only been playing drums for 11 months! Rob is the type of instructor that does not talk at you, but actively engages with his students and works with you side by side, at whatever pace is required until you are comfortable with the topic being studied. I have played several live shows with my band and completed a solo play along and I know that without Rob’s guidance and mentorship I would not have been able to do so, thanks Rob you rock!

-Zachary Lehrich (Ladera Ranch)

Hey Rob! Just wanted to let you know that even after just a few lessons with you, I know you’re the right instructor for me and I’m sure for the masses! I’ve never been more comfortable and satisfied after each lesson than I had been with previous teachers. Your sincerity and passion is so evident and refreshing to see. I look forward to going down this path of learning and discovery with you. Thank you again!

-Bryan Ohira (Mission Viejo)

Rob is an amazing teacher! He has a great method of teaching...not only does he focus on basic drum techniques, but he also includes timing, speed, muscle movement, safety, and even drum set-up. He breaks the class down so that it is never boring. And...to make it fun for the students, he also includes time for the students to learn a song of their choice. He moves at the student's pace and is always positive and supportive. He clearly has a passion for drums and for teaching...which why is it no surprise to see how excited my teenager is before, during and after her lessons!

-Christine McKenzie (Aliso Viejo)

Rob is the most patient teacher I have ever met! He has made such a huge, positive impact on our son, age 11, who has taken lessons from Rob for 5 years. Rob is an expert drum teacher in all respects. An all-around great guy, he is easy to work with, communicates well and truly loves what he does!

-Lisa Antonic (San Clemente)

Rob is the best drum teacher. I wish all my teachers could have been like Rob when I was in school. He is talented, knowledgeable, patient, funny and kind. He is one the hardest working musicians and people I know. He cares about his students, his craft and passing on the passion for music and learning. You can not go wrong with Rob. And love his band. Just call and talk Rob, you will see.

-Nancy Travers (Newport Beach)

Finally! A page where I can shout high praise for the absolute BEST private drum studio instructor ever! Rob is patient, encouraging, and an awesome teacher. I've put a lot on my Son, activity-wise. And as he gets older, I know the emphasis will be on studying. But I have to say, drumming with Rob will be one of the last things he gives up.

-Kimi H (Lake Forest)

I can't say enough good and positive things about Rob personally and his teaching style. My 8 y.o. son has been going to Rob weekly for just over a year. Rob has the most positive attitude that makes learning so much fun but also educational. If you are bringing your kids to Rob you should know that he wants the kids to learn proper techniques but not at the expense of having fun and increasing their love of music. He is always patient, engaging, enthusiastic and knows how to communicate with kids.

-Eric R (Ladera Ranch)

I've never written a review before. But when a teacher goes so far above and beyond to provide his students with the best service possible...I feel THAT teacher deserves a shout out!

Rob possesses all the qualities you could possibly want in a teacher. He is patient, knowledgeable, professional, and is always so positive and motivating. His lessons are very thorough, and kept fresh and interesting with the addition of new material each week. He also encourages his students to let him know if they have any difficulties while practicing the new material at home. He makes himself available to answer any questions to help you get it wired. A couple of weeks ago, I was having a hard time with my "timing", so I texted Rob. He actually took the time to make a video recording of how it was supposed to be played, so I not only was able to hear how it was supposed to be played...I could see it as well! It helped so much that when I came in for my next lesson, I nailed it!

In a nutshell...Rob possesses every quality you would want in a teacher...he's an amazing drummer, and puts his heart and soul into helping his students be amazing as well! And last but not least....to top it off, his prices are unbelievably reasonable! If you go anywhere else, you're just throwing money away! You will not find a better teacher, better service or a better price ANYWHERE! Happy drumming!

-Laura S (Mission Viejo)

Rob is a wonderful teacher! My daughter has been a student for many years now. He is patient and very encouraging. The curriculum allows the student to build on their skills each lesson. He is a talented drummer as well as a great teacher. He instills confidence each lesson no matter what level she is at. My husband or I stay for each lesson and are able to see the interaction he has with our daughter. He is kind and funny. His stories that he shares are fun to listen to as well. He understands when things come up and we can't make a lesson. Make up lessons are easily scheduled. We are so happy that we found Rob to teach our daughter drum lessons! He is the BEST!!

-Annie Z (Foothill Ranch)