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Passion is an important character trait when it comes to selecting a teacher!



Patience is an indispensable quality found in all great teachers!



Priority on teaching translates into priority on you!

There are many factors to take into consideration when shopping for a drum instructor. Most parents looking for an instructor for their children and adult students interested in pursuing their passion don't have the slightest idea how to find a good drum teacher. Unfortunately, as with other professions, the teaching industry is populated by scammers, inexperienced drummers looking to make a quick buck and those drummers that prioritize performing over teaching. Too often, prospective students are swayed by marketing gimmicks rather than legitimate teaching criteria. The following are some tips to help you in your search to avoid the pitfalls of scam artists and marketing ploys.

As a parent myself, I know how important it is to make sure the activity providers for my child are legitimate and passionate. As a former peace officer with the Orange County Probation Department, I've seen my share of criminals. When looking for a drum teacher, make sure that teaching is his or her passion. One way to measure a teacher's passion and commitment to teaching is to inquire about his or her career. Is teaching a major source of income or is it supplemental? Do they plan on missing many lessons due to performance or touring obligations? Do they have specific references or testimonials? Many excellent drum educators perform regularly (including myself!) I think the performance aspect of a musician's career lends credence to his or her teaching as it bridges the gap between academia and real-life, practical application. Just make sure to check your prospective teacher's performance schedule to ensure they won't be missing too many lessons! These are but a few ways to discern a teacher's commitment to the profession of teaching.

Beware the marketing gimmicks! Unfortunately, many larger studios are forced to resort to using marketing ploys to attract students in order to meet overhead and profit requirements. Some of these marketing tools are legitimate and can be instrumental in helping to choose the right drum teacher. Others can be sugar coated ideas that look enticing at first but later on prove to lack substance. When shopping for your drum teacher, make sure you are not lured in by fancy gimmicks. Look beyond the gloss and seek out the qualitative rather than the quantitative

Many parents fail to realize the important role a music teacher can play in the developement of their child. Confidence building, mentoring, coaching, encouraging and many other character building activities can occur when the student/teacher relationship is nurtured. The relationship between the student and the teacher and the parent and the teacher is of paramount importance. Success is guaranteed when the right fit is found. In my opinion, this relationship is the most important aspect of taking drum lessons.

Before beginning your search, ask yourself what are the most important qualities you are looking for in a drum teacher. These qualitites should include things like professionalism, relationship building, fundamentals, passion, organization, patience, education, experience and versatility. You can avoid the aforementioned pitfalls by using these criteria to guide you in your search for the right drum teacher.